a crazy guy hes soooo crazy haha
  • AGE: unknown, looks like a young adult
  • HEIGHT: 210cm or 6'88
  • SPECIES: type AB demon
  • GENDER: male...i think
  • hes a mutant and probably shouldnt exist
  • ID: inmate19
  • currently locked up in abyssal prison but breaks out every now and again 4 fun
  • a dog dude.. if he had a tail he'd wag it
  • SKILLS: flesh morphing, jailbreaking, tackle hugging
  • WEAPON OF CHOICE: none, he uses his gross shapeshifting powers to fight
  • APPEARANCE: very tall and muscular with acid green hair. he wears weird clothes idk how to describe them tbh... he has sharp teeth and is usually smiling like an idiot. he has big screws stuck in his flesh that keep him together and vaguely human shaped. when he uses his shapeshifting abilities he loosens them and starts bleeding pretty badly, so he cant do it for long.
i didnt expct to make a wiki about him so soon lol. hes more of a minor character in the story anyways but i was redesigning him just now and thought oh well might aswell right?


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song: rotting by vivivivi