incredible...the protagonist man himself..
  • AGE: 19
  • HEIGHT: 179cm or 5`11
  • SPECIES: undead
  • GENDER: grown lad (a guy if you wil)
  • ID: MO96
  • DEATH: got posessed and broke his neck in the gas station bathroom, body was so unrecognizable he couldnt be identified and got burried in a nameless grave
  • currently resides in purgatory with Isaac and morti, works as a hitman/exorcist
  • SKILLS: couch sleepng, playing bass(mediocrely),cooking, shifting bodies
  • WEAPON OF CHOICE: pipe. just some random pipe
  • APPEARANCE: average built dude with blonde hair (natural color is brown) and a purple strand. propably dyed it himself. He wears casual clothes or his work uniform and has multible piercings (bridge piercing, and snakebites sometimes). ig its sort of a grunge style or whatever you call it. After his death a red X mark appeared on his cheek.
i always call him androo... oh also the X is canonically on his right cheek but i always draw it wherever i feel like because im evil and twisted

listen to his playlist lol


the pink character is moe (not by me)

^these are by none other than the realest of chads. ekko. (andrew enjoyer nr.1)^

-outfit guide-

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