a game where you have to go to work. (scary)


the gang gets involved in a very intense purgatory bowling match..this is a story about betrayal you guys...also my longest comic yet


a minigame/personality test that tells you what species youd be based on what order u buy the items in...woah...(looks less messed up now i fixed it)


isaac dress-up game??? also idk why he’s so pale in this pic that’s a secret between him and the lord ig. update: now also andrew dressup game. they both get clothes.

comic abt dudes during the apocalypse
wich im too lazy to continue (probably)

isaac melts into a puddle of green goop

comic short from another universe

Andrew faces first struggels at his new job. (mild gore)

bayonetta is ruining relationships. it looks rlly ugly cause i used a different brush dont judge

the boys pretend that the concept of a good nights sleep still exists in the afterlife (also yes, andrew looks like a baked potato in that pic)

a short story about encountering an annoying little turnip freak at the anual business meeting (warning:contains british people)

november christmas special. sometimes you have to force your friends to like you by giving them presents :3

milo needs a haircut

it speaks for itself

im sure every night u wonder wich of my characters u resemble most. worry not because now u can find out dear friend. youre safe now. (actually im pretty sure the code somehow got messed up and doesnt work anymore. sry lol)

comic short idk theyre just chillin.