frequently asked questions

what drawing programs do you use?
- i used to use procreate for everything but i have recently switched over to clip studio paint. still use procreate sometimes tho for edits or animation. and for pixelart i use pixel studio wich is a free app. and yea i dont do traditional much but if i paint something i use holbein acryla gouache and whatever pencils i have laying around.

what are your brushes?
- my procreate brushes are downloadable here and in CSP i use default mechanical pencil, dark pencil and mapping pen. and here are some i downloaded somewhere (cant remember where):
oil paint flat brush (i use this one all the time)
scratchy lineart
flat marker
square paint brush

how did you make your website/games?
- i kinda just taught myself html with some youtube videos and lots of trial and error. and i made some tutorials on how to make games in the "cool stuff" section as well! (Seriously...just go look at that page i put a lot of helpful stuff there...)

can i draw fanart etc?
- yes! that would be awesome and i would love to see so make sure to tag me or send it to me lol. also in general im fine with ppl kinning my characters or making head canons as long as youre not weird about it and realise its not canon. do whatever you want just make sure it stays SFW and isnt hatefull (obv).

why is ___ not working?
- 80% of the time something looks broken or acts weird has to do with your browser or stuff like that cause html is a bitch. lol. its really different from device to device also and it might lag a lot sometimes. thats why i always ask you to use chrome (safari also sorta works but eh)! the other times my code might just be bad or youre looking at a WIP. do let me know if something isnt working tho ill do my best to fix it/help