i saw him at the convenience store again today. he was looking at various canned fruits...for whatever reason. didnt buy any. i followed him a bit after but couldt go too far. it wouldve been too suspicious. he disappeared behind a dumpster in an alley way. no new information.


nothing new today. except for the fact that log entry 01-55 have been entirely corrupted because SOMEONE spilled their brain goo all over my memory card. i had to delete it all. Seriously sometimes i dont even know why i keep that rotting idiot around anymore hes starting to cause more trouble than hes worth. who am i kidding... i cant get rid of him. hes had the best results out of all my subjects.


spotted the target near a park today. he seemed distressed. there was someone else with him, looked like a young adult man. I think ive seen him before somewhere i should investigate that further. for now i need to get more chems since im running out. problem is i already spent most of my money on the new pipes so ill have to sell some things. ugh.


was at the library today. found some more pictures of the blakewell Institute but theyre not of much use. getting more information is getting more and more difficult seriously who was in charge of documenting things back then??? i mean they had some of the most groundbreaking results in medical history is that not important at all or what? Whatever. of course it was a cover up or something of the sort...moral dilemma blah blah. theyre probably researching it this second in some awesome CIA science facility and i get to see NOTHING of it.


got a closer look at the target today. he looks worse than before. even more stitches. i swear to god if this goes nowhere i gotta be crazy. its definitely not normal this time. i think he noticed me staring though he gave a disgusted look. right. like IM the weird one here. its not like im stalking him because im some sort of creep. its strictly for research. i mean hes practically asking for it.


milo had one of his paroxysms again today. it was the worst one yet he was on the floor shaking....got his chemicals everywhere...what a waste. i had to physically hold him down to keep him from knocking everything down or ripping out his cables. after a few minutes he seemed fine again but he was panting and couldnt answer my questions. this is going to be a pain to clean up. i am a bit worried though. i cant have him die if it gets any worse ill have to artificially preserve him somehow. that would be a worst case scenario so i will prevent it best i can. for now ill just up his med dosage and give him some rest.


was at the library again but couldnt find anything at all. i hate going outside. especially if it turns out to be pointless. what a massive waste of time and energy. its all just been failure after failure i feel so stupid. need to distract myself somehow.