about me?

hey im vincent/vinnie (17 year old shut in lame guy who dropped out of highschool because they couldnt handle my heat) and im currently studying game design at uni. hmmm what else do you write about yourself? Im 5'9 (wish i was taller tho grahh). Apparently im an intp 4w5 and an aries and my classpect is prince of time... yea im a (ex?)homestuck. sigh...anyways i dont think these things say much about someones personality but the tests are fun to take. in general im bad at describing myself because to be honest idk what my personality is even like. most consistent thing about it is that i get obsessed with things quite easily (which is probably just a side effect of the autism and whatever chemical imbalance i got going on lmao). i do like talking to people tho so i appreciate it when you guys leave comments or messages (ty).
ive always really been into internet stuff i think it started with me watching lots of youtube in elementary school and being on pinterest. kind of weird but im glad my first contact was with these platforms because they have minimal interaction with other users and are basically just media. still sorta messed up my brain i feel like so idk kids shouldt be online in general ig. but yea when i was like 12/13 was when i actually started posting stuff myself (i was too nervous before, again- probably for the better). ive been active on almost everything ever since (tumblr, instagram, reddit, twitter, tiktok(ew), pinterest, amino for a short time.... im forgetting stuff) never got a huge following anywhere but maybe you have seen one of my accounts before. modern social media kind of sucks tho having your own website is wayyyy better (sry i have to spread html propaganda as is my duty as a neocitizen). Especially since im super self conscious about my stuff and i feel like the algorithm hates me. here i can just do whatever and dont have to worry about what other people think. i mean i still do sorta but ehhh.
man why do i always come off as such a self loathing bastard when i talk abt myself ? eh. anyways- i get super invested into my hobbies, mainly drawing and creating characters. ive always loved that ever since i was a wee lad. also coding nowadays. and i love video games obviously eventho i dont even play them that often (except for fromsoft games lol) cause i generally suck at them and they stress me out. wich is pretty stupid but eughhhh. i am Extremely fascinated by the creation of games and the characters and worlds, the gameplay is more of a side factor to me. im very passionate about it. Im passionate about a lot of things... kind of. well actually theyre all mostly related to games in a way.