uncanny valley web is a website mostly used to share my characters with the internet. hopefully they will get their own game one day but for now you can read comics, look at art and uhhh uhhmmm read things? yea read things (that are super interesting and relevant and uh lore! theres lore)

>more about me (vinnie, the creator/webmaster)
>frequently asked questions

also general warnings for blood/cartoon gore, adult language etc etc you probably already noticed that but yea if that kinda stuff bothers you...maybe dont look at this site

if u need help or have questions contact me with

(yes i named it after my cat ive had this mail since 3rd grade) or on discord vinnie#7484 i can also help with html coding/ website stuff if you want to get into that. sharing is caring lol

you can also commission me if u want (just send me an email or a dm via instagram). click here 4 info

i also have twitter, tumblr, pinterest, youtube and uhhh other accs but theyre not rlly worth mentioning so if you come across those somehow thats on you