are his feet actually that big or is it just the shoes
  • AGE: grown ass man
  • HEIGHT: 195cm with the heels (so actually like 184cm)
  • SPECIES: type A demon
  • GENDER: male
  • currently residing somewhere in hell
  • asymmetrical jacket ? whats it for? surely not to dramatically throw it away during batte revealing his other arm wich is extremely normal looking and doesnt have any cool celestial space abilities .
  • LIKES: resting on fancy surfaces such as canapés, complaining about back pain, sneezing very loudly, talking about himself
  • DISLIKES: horoscopes
  • if you throw something at his head it will always hit (gravitation)
  • legs are paralyzed so he got porcelain prosthetics
  • WEAPON OF CHOICE: rapier but he only uses it when things get serious, usually he just kicks the shit out of you
  • APPEARANCE: man who looks to be somewhere between the age of 30-45 with lavender hair, white skin and black/golden eyes. there are planets and moons floating around his head because hes a space man awawa wuh *shocked etc*. wears a fancy blouse with a comically large bow even if he insists its a scarf its obviously a fucking bow. most notably his legs are incased in some kind of magic cyborg porcelain armor prosthetics wich give him some helpful abilities such as being mega fast and being able to (gracefully) stop things to death. and you know- walking
i hate drawing this guy i hate drawing this guy i hate drawing this guy *falls off a cliff*


yea sry i dont have any good art of him cause his design is a pain in the ass to draw.

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