guy thats kinda lame
  • AGE: adult
  • HEIGHT: 200cm
  • SPECIES: type A demon
  • GENDER: male
  • can have up to 4 wings wich grow out of his back when stressed (pretty useless)
  • HOBBIES: trying to recreate youtube cooking videos (emphasis on 'trying')
  • LIKES: sleeping on a mattress without bed frame, getting payed, ordering takeout
  • DISLIKES: going to work, cleaning
  • people never get his jokes because of his naturally bored and monotone way of speaking
  • had to teach himself how to sew cause his clothes keep falling apart
  • WEAPON OF CHOICE: whatever
  • APPEARANCE: wears a basic prison guards uniform wich is pretty beat up and often has pieces missing, alongside a cloth mask. he has white 'skin' and...no nose. His eyes, mouth, teeth, bones and pretty much all his insides are bright red. He also has regular horns and short grey-ish hair.
very unremarkable! canon voice. yup! canon!


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