how i paint (kinda)

due to popular demand i finally gave in and tried to explain my painting process.

first things first, ive said this a couple of times before but i use clip studio paint on the ipad, and my brushes are downloadable here. also i have some different styles i draw in this is just my most recent approach ehhh whatever anyways-

as you can imagine i start with a sketch. theyre not super detailed or anything and i like using this weird marker brush that has a slight blur to it. sometimes i sketch something traditionally and just take a picture to paint over it digitally too.

then i add a layer underneath and fill it with a solid color (usually a murky green but anything works). to keep certain areas like the face from looking too dead and washed out i sometimes add some complementing hues of orange as well. this basically decides the drawings general color palette and tone/ helps bring it all together and make it look more vibrant and cohesive.

on the same layer i use my beloved square brush to add the actual colors. since its a transparent brush the green still shines through. so i can just freely pick colors without having to worry about them matching since they get mixed with the underpainting anyways. in a sense my digital painting process is very close to what you would do in traditional art

lastly i merge the layers and paint over the rough areas/ erase the edges and clean everything up a little. for overpaints i like to use brushes that have a color mixing effect like the oilpaint ones for example and also some regular round brushes.

regarding painting metal specifically, i dont feel qualified to do a tutorial on that since i mostly just ball it. basically its all about light reflection and contrast never make silver just grey and gold just yellow yk metal is super dark and almost white in certain areas. this guy made a pretty helpful post.

thats it. drawing this head took me about 20 minutes, a full body usually around 40-90 minutes. it works pretty well for me and is quite efficient (also it doesnt involve any lineart lol).
id post more speedpaints but csp loves to troll me and make them super shit quality (as you can see in my recent ones and this gif) so i dont bother anymore. mb. uh also i dont mind people taking inspiration from me as long s its not outright copying (obv use your brain).

example for turning a trad sketch into a digital painting:

some more process pics