~Dream Diary~

i drew/wrote these dowm immediatly after waking up without editing them, so there are many errors, typos etc and they probably make little to no sense. Also if some are worded like text messages, thats because they are.
i copied them from my chats.
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dreamt that i was in a plain flying through a rainforest or something and there was a film festival inside and my roommate got rlly mad at me for jokingly saying that the movie sucked the rest i forgor
whats with the plain flying through forest stuff bruh thats two dreams in a row now

didnt write down the dream but here is sorta what i remember: there was this gigantic ancient obsidian door with hills all around. but inside there was only a shitty rentable disco with a bar and a dance floor. you know the kind your middle school rents for events without alcohol and you just stand awkwardly by the side drinking a soda or something while watching in awe that some ppl are actually dancing in this dumbass situation. something you could never comprehent. you know what i mean THAT kind of place. something happened afterwards idk cant remember then i was hanging out with these korean exchange students and we were like "dude im bored lets fly the contraption." which was this weird plain/bird looking thing made entirely out of wooden planks. and it flew very close to the ground like not even in the sky or anything, through the woods even.

then we were at a creek jumping around on the roots and there was a laptop charger plugged into one of the trees. oh also there were dinosaurs made out of wood as well outside on the fields but they looked pretty fucked up
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i just woke up and i had such a nonsensical dream that kept switching between scenarios. at first i was in a darksouls 1 dungeon but found a weird room in it where there was a huge fenced field inside with dudes chanting and items but after i hovered (?) over it some ancient egyptian kid did some goofy dance and then turned into Cardi Bs kid???? and i was supposed to babysit him and go to see a movie in the dungeon with him. well i did but then it morphed from a movie theater dungeon to a mcdonalds dungeon? and i had to bring the kid home abd teach him how to use public transport but then i got controlled again for some stupid fucking reason by some goth train worker fuck her bro cause we literally met at the mcdonalds before. and she knew damn well it wasn’t even my fault. also the train kept switching between being a train and a pickup truck and like big board on wheels? and i randomly had a chair with me that i wasn’t allowed to lose? and i just kept trying to convince that woman to let me go without paying the fee and show her proof on my phone but none of my apps were working. in the end i somehow fell in a swampy pond inside of the truck WITH the damn chair? and then she finally felt so bad for me that she let me go. looking pitiful saved me once more. and then my dad came to pick me up. idk bruh the setting looked so bizarre it was as if things kept melting together
i was back in school (?) but it wasn’t like school at all it was just this weird square room without furniture it just had a big field of ice on the floor and one wall was a huge window where we could look outside there only was a big lake with some trees. so ig the house was built on stilts? idk but i was in this class called „art design“ but apparently it was known for being super pointless and literally no one ever showed up for it and i was just goofing off. we were just supposed to build shit on the ice field that’s it so i half assed a little face sculpture and buried it in the ice. i was with this girl the entire time she was sorta goth but in a mopey way like she had very droopy eyes and always looked sad. (next page>)
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she was the only one who consistently showed up to the class because she was building this train out of wire? it took up most of the ice area and the teacher was usually talking to her. and she was bullied ig cause when i walked home from school with her and we came by some guys home she was like „uh lets take a different route actually“ and started running across the field so i just kinda followed her. idk in the end i didn’t do shit for that class and they „presented“ the thing on some kinda altar but it was 90% just the train. and my mother was there but she was cartoonishly tall and looked like that shark general guy from spongebob lmao. anyways she got super mad at me for not doing shit so she picked my up by my jacked and was yelling at me so i started stabbing her with the wire from the train then i woke up.
it was one if those dreams where it had a strong atmosphere for some reason. very grey sky winter month ish. and it felt very realistic eventho the premise was so weird because it was very long and took place over the course of a month or so, there were very detailed conversations with that girl where we were walking or sitting next to the big window it felt very real

[my friends responded with how the girl seems fun and that its weird to have dreams span over such a long time]

train girl wasn’t that fun she was sorta boring but i still liked her,idk why my brains keeps coming up with these detailed ass characters that feel like people but i don’t even know irl. also she wasn’t goth in like a „trendy“ way i dont even think she had a phone and she would usually be confused when i made references
also it was weird because i know the whole thing was supposed to „represent“ my hometown in a way but it had nothing in common and none of the people were real it’s like they just played a role of teacher or school friend or whatever. my mom too i dont think it was her it was just something playing the role as mom in that imaginary setting. because she’s not even like that irl she never pressured me over school. it’s like i was reliving part of my school days in a weird parallel universe lol like an alternate vinnie did grow up like that.
it was sorta peaceful tbh but i dont like befriending someone and then waking up
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dreamed i was brushing a big ass dog that’s it

oh and today i had another long ass dream but i cant piece it back together… only thing ik was i was swimming in a sinister lake and they made a horrifying looking life action/ CGI remake if gravity falls where dipper and mable were building a well out of stones
[next we were talking about dream rules we have]

hmm i don’t think i really have dream rules? only thing that’s similar is that i am vaguely aware i’m dreaming and my objective is to wake up. and to do that i have to „solve“ the dream somehow usually by getting to the end of the building or area i’m in and leaving. but nowadays it’s less so leaving and more fighting something or finding someone idk i get like tasks assigned that i try do the entire dream and i usually can’t but i wake up anyways. in general my dreams are really video game esque also the past few years fictional characters keep randomly appearing and it’s stupid as hell💀 i never had that when i was younger eventho i wnated to, before sleeping i would be like „pleaseee let me meet bakugo in my dream“ or some shit lmao

mine have these long ass detailed stories and settings and are goofy as hell and really gruesome for some reason who tf is putting realistic gore into my dreams bruh💀 and i get dumbass objectives sometimes like „you gotta kill 1000 preschoolers then you can wake up“ ok bro damn (it was okay they had low poly ps1 graphics)
and sometimes i have dreams where i’m literally just talking to someone like having a normal conversation and then when i wake up i forget of i actually told the person that thing or if i dreamed it but that was mostly when i was a shut in.

i dont really have nightmares as in im scared during the dream but more so i wake up and think "huh that was kinda messed up" eventho i was chillin in the dream. scary stuff happens all the time but dream-me doesnt give a fuck ig. only dreams that are unpleasant to me are the ones where i meet people from the past again or when intrusive thoughts manifest in dreams and dream-me does fucked up shit i would never do irl. those suck. those are also the reason i seperate dream-me from actual me cause i do NOT agree with that mf
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dreamed i was going through a shitty labyrinth i apparently had build months ago and sorta abandoned. it was dark as shit and hat flame throwing gargoyles and pits you could fall into (ahem guys🤓 sorta like darksouls) and i was just like fuuuuck i forgor where to go it’s been so long. and the fucking dung eater was like chasing me the entire time (but slowly) when i finally managed to get to the safe room i implemented which was just a normal ass room there were two ppl in there already. and they were like „dude did you make this labyrinth? were fans of your work are you ever finishing it?“ and i was like sorry brah

fuck i vividly remember telling someone about this dream but ig i didnt write it down. heres the abridged version from what i remember: every person on earth with a few exceptions mutated into these flesh blob/ cube masses. there were so many that rivers were full of them and there were bridges crossing them. if you had a weak will and just gave up you would "join" them, walk into the mass and become one of them. idk. i didnt really see this dream from my perspective i was just spectating. there was this little boy wo was like a 70s TV hoast and he tried to find survivors but only met this weird balding woman wo was completely silent. then some boring survival stuff happened, it was pretty tense tho cause that woman was creeping me out and yeah she ripped the kids arms off later on. somehow he respawned tho because he was already partially infected? man idfk. then we were in a city outside on the street with armed guards around us. it was sorta like a dentists waiting room but on a street. there was a snack machine but i still had some leftovers in a tub so i ate those and they were good as fuck let me tell you. ppl were staring at me but literally not my problem that its the flesh apocalypse and youre starving lmao...
(drawing on next page)
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i had a dream where henryk, father gascoine and dennis from always sunny were working in a vietnamese restaurant that made pants flavored pho. like it genuinly tasted like lint. and i had one of those samsung flip phones where i was watching horse tiktoks on. and it came with a tiny DS

had a dream that was very long but again i cant rlly remember the plot. something about finding some dead guys head idk. anyways there was a scene where me and some guy (lowkey looked like the guy from tlou lmao) where running through the city trying to find a bakery that was still opened. and we were like, late or something. and then when we finally found one and entered the the guy at the counter was just pointing a rocket launcher point blank at my face i was like „bruh😧“ dont worry guys i dodged it😊
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honestly no fucking idea what was going on in this one i didnt write anything down ig there was an armadillo in a tank racing russia from hetalia (aw hell nah) whos face was melting and his neck broke??? i blame the freaks who put hetalia on my instagram feed in the year 2023.
i had a dream where i cant remember the plot but there was free food there and it was all the food from those „this or that“ tiktoks and there was one tray labeled „necklaces and vaguely related items“ and just had a bunch of shitty apple themed jewelry in it. actually i think it was at a village soccer game (MEPPENNNN)
i just had a dream about elden ring 💀

i dreamed that i was in a museum where all the art pieces were just different plates of food that ppl could eat and it was lowkey rlly gross, bit that was like the point of the installation? that the food progressively gets more gross? also micolash was tjere for some fucking reason
same day other dream i was at uni and met a really nice guy i was sad when i woke up i wanted to stay friends
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had a dream where i was fored to play overwatch. quite terrifying

a huge body stranded on the beach and was slowly decaying and filling with nails(?). some guy tried to remove it but poked himself on the rusty nails and like got really mad at that for some reason so i told him its a skill issue and he got even more mad (at me this time)
i had multiple dreams that day, next one was long asf and i already told nui abt so im too lazy it was the game that was a mix between minecraft, sekiro, roblox, sky, fear & hunger, touhou and a dingy 70s office sitcom. was streaming it for some girl idk pussy does crazy things to a mind
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vyke and rillakuma collab. thats all. (pic on the last page)

i dreamed that there was a chapter in lord of the rings everyone forgot about where the fellowship was stranded on a huge eyeball meteor and it had some crazy architecture on it and they were drilling into the pupil to somehow get inside
the next dreams i had a very poorly documented, i only have the drawings no text. i mean i can remember the plot but tbh im too lazy to write it all down again
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to be continued ig. i have dreams written down that are years old but rn i dont feel like posting them all
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