how to make a simple dress-up game

disclaimer: there are probably more efficient ways of doing this. i came up with this method a while ago when i wasnt that good at coding but it works for me. If you ever read this and think "thats dumb why not just ___ " youre probably right idk.

first of all youre gonna have to draw your character and outfits. Its important to decide how big you want your game to be now because you cant change it later! you have to make the canvas the size your game is going to be on your website (i chose 600x400px).
then you just draw every piece of clothing on a different layer and put them in category groups so its clear and neat.

then export every layer/piece as a png transparent. now if you want to do it the proper way you would upload them all individually to neocities. or you could be lazy like me and just upload them all to discord instead (not every image hosting method works tho, tumblr for example doesn’t and idk about the rest)

^heres kind of a visual explanation on how the code works. Its multiple iframes stacked on top of each other, each corresponding to a different clothing category. (edit: you could probably use divs instead of iframes which would be less messy, but i havent tried it yet) you can chose how many you want and what order to stack them in. and the actual code is down below.
i just linked a blank png image in the iframes so theyre empty before clicking on any of the links.
(Obviously add your own CSS/style this is only everything thats in the body tag)

excuse my ugly example. you will do better. But thats basically all there is to it its really not that complicated.
(you can customize the links etc to look cooler)

^if you want to know how i made this different type of dressup game you can message me if ya feel like it. but i dont want to make a tutorial for it cause the code is really dumb lmao