i mostly just draw fromsoft art lol... new stuff is at the bottom, old stuff at the top also some of these are ugly asf but imma keep them here anyway

description: sollux tried to run minecraft with a shader in summer and is now dying of a heat stroke as a consequence

(old ekko design.. i like his arcane one better tho)

this drawing got weirdly popular its even reposted on some random Japanese art site (??) and pinterest and the official cookie run discord apparently?

yea ngl all the fnaf hype is affecting me too. i sorta liked it as a kid but i was too scared of it to rlly get into it lol ironic cause my favorite genre has always been horror

a few purple guys...he is so ugly an crusty dusty. i didnt think id get so much into fnaf but here we are. he needs to be caged & contained

my elden ring player character... i made him look so good i get a little sad when i look at him for too long.
also funny again how my artstyle changes so much when i draw from different media lol

dont rlly like this drawing but i need to share my love for fanged imp bros with the world.
i also have a matching helmet. oh and another doodle of Alfred... doesnt rlly look like him lol but i tried. hes my fav

he’s loosing it (also that drawing is ugly asf but im not gonna fix it ^^)


*smashes head against the wall* godddddddd goddddddddd whyyyy *rips my eyeballs out and rolls around on floor* HRRRRRRR

for some reason i just cant get his mask right. you would thinks its super easy but im strugglinggg. oh well.

vyke is so underrated

varre fucking dies and goes to hell 4k

first time ever making a doll of a pre existing character... listen i would much rather have one of rogier or blackguard or honestly anyone else but his design is perfect for dolls.
his mask is simple and his clothes are also super simple and easy to make as well. took me abt 6 hours lol i stayed up all night and now hes in my house... we are all forsaken.

nurse hes out again! also not sure how i feel abt the rogier drawing? im sort of like it but something just isnt right idk. im not confident in my painting skills at all it’s always the same: after finishing im super proud and then a few days later i look at it and its just the worst thing ever. so i cant ever trust my judgement lol.
still pretty cute tho... also that improvement from the first time i drew him lmao

embraced by frenzy. lol. get fucked sword boy

*throws this at you*

rogier under stormveil castle: ah neat! manmade horrors beyond my comprehension ^^

tarnished and vyke getting frenzied.


everyone... avert your eyes...LOOK AWAY LOOK AWAYY i didnt draw this. this never happened

(in a time before the roundtable holds messiest breakup) was too lazy to draw rogier properly sry. also ignore the bad anatomy
this drawing is a mess im just posting it because its my first time painting darian. also vykeeee

elden borgir


alberich looks sooo. soo. im not gonna say it.

my ds3 guy. ashen one. he looks a bit different in game tho cause i forgot to give him the beard and the character creator is a bit silly.
also yes i gave him two different pupils again.. i cant help myself ok? it looks cool...

i like orbeck hes...nice

bruhhhh. ruh bruh bruh bruh bruh bruh (hes not crying hes sweating cause hes cringe fail nervous)

sry the voices won again.

this doesnt rlly make any sense canon wise i just wanted to draw an interesting pose

started playing sekiro. hanbei my beloved

they held me at gunpoint and forced me to make a splat sona

im rlly into mgr rn and i wanna do more fanart but hhhh the designs are all the WORST to draw. so have a little monsoon and sam portrait
(lol kind of looks like theyre smiling at each other that was unintentional)

straight up- i drew this for clout lol i did not watch the movie. i want to tho.

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