(almost) all of my figures

the fact that nearly all of them are robot related says a lot about our society.

he just like me fr
mini len
this guy is actually fucking massive irl especially his head

he looks way better irl lol... got him for 15 bucks
literally the best thing ever
i dont rlly like Aot anymore but hanji is kinda based ngl

halloween miku... my first big figure
its a gunpla kit and i got it from my dad :)
i painted a different face on mine cause shes pretty boring
got this fine lad from a friend

little guy
i love him

i have many of these
my fav
hes HUGE!
so real... and even huger than raiden

my shelf lol. Featuring my dorohedoro and darksouls trilogy artbooks of course
look at that comparison ! raiden protecting his babies
not even gonna say anything
points at him
new apartment new shelf
mimikyu on the train

This gotta be one of the most rancid looking pages on this entire website. well... -back-.