-ˋˏ✄┈┈┈┈Frank (meatman)┈┈┈┈

soggy soggy man soggy soggy
  • AGE: adult organism
  • HEIGHT: 1,93 (in suit)
  • SPECIES: type B demon
  • GENDER: blood
  • probably makes shitty puns that don’t make any sense whatsoever
  • dad?....is that you?
  • currently residing somewhere in hell
  • covered in blood at all times...it’s his own (mostly)
  • LIKES: saltwater flavor, the fam, his friends, pie, cooking.....duh, big mouth billy bass- singing bass wall decor, strategic marketing
  • WEAPON OF CHOICE: no fighting.
  • APPEARANCE: he wears an old divers suit with heavy duty boots and a cute kittie apron. has a..uh.. ship turbine.. as a hand? also used to have a whale huntin' harpoon hand but replaced it with a giant hook because it was "too dangerous". no he’s never actually been to the ocean. He doesn’t have any limbs or a body, the suit is filled with a bunch of intestines and a single eye wich somehow form yours truly- frank (meatman)
only a background/side character but real ones get it.


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song: creepy ocean sound youtube list