bruh who even is this mf
  • AGE: young adult ? Probably
  • HEIGHT: 169cm
  • SPECIES: type A demon
  • GENDER: whatever
  • currently napping on a bag of soil somewhere in hell
  • just doing their thang
  • LIKES: blasting people with the water hose when they get too close (hey that rhymed), lawn mowing smell
  • DISLIKES: margarita night, small talk
  • doesnt even like roses that much but they keep growning everywhere no matter what seeds they use
  • has accepted their fate of forever being annoyed
  • SKILLS: flesh-floriculture
  • WEAPON OF CHOICE: nothing in particular but people have been known to get whacked with a pair of shears before
  • APPEARANCE: messy green hair that definitely has never seen professional scissors before and a gas mask with one eye missing. no there arent any toxic fumes anywhere near, they just wear it because they dont like showing their face for privacy reasons. their outfit can only be described as "something only your delivery guy gets to see on a Saturday morning" and conists of a pink bathrobe, crocks, shorts and fertilizer stained tank top.
so like... they dont rlly do much. just a background character that wants to be left alone


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song: without you by vivivivi