gardnener was very much allright with living on the outskirts of the A-district far away from the busy centrum but when local socialite/casino ownwer Una offered them a job well...they couldnt say no. literally . you wouldnt wanna recline a request from her for your own safety. and it was a pretty tempting deal to be fair, in exchange for their services they got to live in a huge garden near the abyss center (areas where plants can grow are very rare in hell).
Gardener has a special ability called flesh-floriculture which allows them to grow any organic matter they want (mainly bodies). they only need a bit of DnA in form of blood for example which they then plant in their patch and it grows an exact replica of the blood donors former body. without a soul of course. this is an extremely helpful service for any undead that got beaten up too badly to function and needs a new vessel. which of course, Una Immediately saw a business opportunity in once she found out about it. gardener may loathe social interaction but they love their job so it cancels it out somewhat. and they even became friends with Una over time eventho their personalities and interests are quite clashing.


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song: without you by vivivivi