*starts sweating* uhhhm
  • AGE: adult
  • HEIGHT: 220cm
  • SPECIES: type A demon
  • GENDER: man
  • smells like those 90s car air freshener dice
  • so...like...
  • currently part time working as a guard (hell) (minimum wage)
  • doesn’t talk much
  • SKILLS: chugging whole canisters of motor oil, destroying thinks, lung cancer, tetris
  • WEAPON OF CHOICE: you would think its blades but actually it’s mostly just his fists cause all his body knives are in inconvenient ass places. I mean okay he does use them sometimes
  • APPEARANCE: VERY tall and strong. he has red hair and wears a mask wich he cant see shit out of cause it doesn’t have eye holes. it does have a zipper mouth though...well he’s gotta indulge in his nicotine addiction somehow. there are blades coming out of his head and torso, they make him look intimidating but honestly they just get in the way more than anything. (you can technically pull them out but it hurts a lot and they grow back after a few days)
his only purpose in life is to look cool. thats it.


◤      ◥


◣      ◢

song: turmoil by vivivivi