ugh...not this guy again
  • AGE: at death:12 but actually ca. 100
  • HEIGHT: 152cm or 5'4
  • SPECIES: undead
  • GENDER: boy
  • *holding myself back from making jokes abt british people* *physically shaking*
  • ID: CC23
  • works as exorcist/hitman and resides somewhere in purgatory
  • he does that anime thing where he adjusts his glasses and they reflect the light you know exactly what im talking about
  • SKILLS: being short, used to be rich, idk collecting stamps or something ...eating crumpets
  • WEAPON OF CHOICE: special gun, its fused with his portal key so he can do more ranged attacks and well..literally shoot portals. he also has multiple regular guns (who the hell gave him those???)
  • APPEARANCE: young boy with fancy clothes and purple-ish glasses. he has brown hair, blue eyes and red marks on his neck and thigh. also he wears those mickey mouse white gloves.
hes just a minor character (thank god)
also he is definitely a kid likeee he doesnt act or look like a 100 year old


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