legally brain dead
  • AGE: teen
  • HEIGHT: 180cm (looks way shorter tho cuz of terrible posture)
  • SPECIES: human
  • GENDER: male? he doesnt rlly care about that stuff tho
  • currently residing in some basement
  • barely alive
  • LIKES: kandi, victor, bright and flashy colors, starring at screens, standing around menacingly
  • DISLIKES: nothing
  • SKILLS: burning food
  • proud lab assistant (and lab rat)
  • WEAPON OF CHOICE: none. he doesnt fight at all (i dont think he could even if he wanted to)
  • APPEARANCE: young guy with blue hair covering his eyes. he wears a black band shirt and well- you mayyy have nothiced his brain is showing and there are tubes sticking out of his head as well as some pink liquid being spilled everywhere. he sorta needs those to stay alive. Hes usually smiling
this dude....


these drawings are all kinda old causeee i avoided drawing him the entire last year sry lol

milo and frank never actually meet canonically but i think theyd get along great

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