he looks trustworthy you can trust him
  • AGE: grown ass man with a job and responsibilities
  • HEIGHT: 165cm
  • SPECIES: type A demon
  • GENDER: male
  • there is a rumor that he augmented himself to look more doll like? totally fake tho he actually 100% looks like this naturally
  • second richest person in hell, owner of multiple companies
  • LIKES: plushies, fraud, plagiarism, fashion, cute things, exploiting the working class , yummy treats such as cigars and whisky
  • DISLIKES: paying his employees living wages, spicy food
  • has an outfit for every occasion
  • hes a doll! and also a pin cushion. he feels no pain
  • he is very nice to his assistants! ^^
  • WEAPON OF CHOICE: he would never hurt anyone ^^
  • APPEARANCE:cute little fella who looks quite young for his age with brown hair. he has stitching along the sides of his entire body and buttons for eyes. his "skin" feels an awful lot like some kind of fabric material
caugh caugh probably the character with the least redeeming qualities. he may not be plot relevant but he sure has an ever looming presence of sickening cuteness! haha...


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song: what remains of her by vivivivi