in case you wondered who hates each other and who are bffs heres the official guide:

Isaac and Morti:

they’ve been working together for over 100 years so naturally they are very close. Since all of Isaacs human partners died within a year at most morti is the only form of consistency he ever got and he trusts him 100%. but it’s just not the same as having a human friend, morti could never truly understand his emotions or how he feels. so while he tries his best to support him there is only so much he can do due to his nature.

Its always hard to tell what morti is thinking but he genuinely cares about isaac, maybe not in a human way but in his own way. so basically theyre besties^^

Isaac and Andrew:

at the beginning Andrew didnt rlly like Isaac because of the constant teasing and him being a dick in general and Isaac didn’t care a whole lot for him it was just another coworker. but after some time they grew pretty close and actually became friends. (its what the kids call trauma bonding lmao). Andrew helps him overcome his whole "i don’t care about anything lol we’re all replaceable" thing by showing him that even if things are only temporary they still have meaning and are worth caring about (cheesy wah wah) and Isaac shows him how skin people allive in return. together they are a horrible duo that dont get shit done at all and spend most of their time fucking around instead of working.

occasionally it looks like theyre dating but they’re def not (that could never work out oh god). Sometimes ya just gotta hold hands with your best bro while you stare at the "sky" and ponder your remaining humanity

Andrew and Morti:

At first Andrew was freaked out by morti and tried to stay away from him as much as possible but he got used to him over time. They have a friendly relationship but aren’t super close. Andrew appreciates that hes so nice to him but cant help but still get the creeps every now and again.

morti sees him as he sees all his human coworkers: just a little guy.

Andrew and Olive:

when they first met andrew actually had a small crush on her because she was the first normal and nice person he encountered after death (and she’s a cute girl) but that quickly disappeared once he found out shes already dating someone else. they are good friends now eventho they dont hang out alone that often they probably have the most in common in terms of interests since they didnt die that far apart.

Olive thinks hes a nice guy and senses something important about him so shes keeping an eye out

Marisol and Olive:

theyve been together for a few years now but still act all excited and blushy like a bunch of teens whove never held hands before. honestly nothing could get between their relationship (also mari would literally gut anyone who tried and hang them on the archive entrance as a warning). theyre obsessed with each other... maybe a bit too obsessed to the point where its getting unhealthy. if anything ever happened to one of them the other would probably have her insane joker arc. but who can blame them, living in hell is literal...well..hell. gotta fight for ur live every day and also deal with all ur mental problems too who wouldn’t latch onto any person you love like a leech.

basically....soulmates... (?)

Marisol and Isaac:

these guys have a very violent sibling rivalry. of course theyre not actually siblings they just act that way, constantly fighting and borderline trying to kill each other but at the end of the day theyll still play smash bros together. Its because they are so similar: short (lol), short temper, like cute things... theyve always been like this but it got worse when Isaac got marisol fired from purgatory inc. after that she refused to talk to him and would literally send him death threats via mail every day. they started to somewhat get along again once she started dating olive tho. they do kinda care about each other..sorta

they usual chat looks like this:
-hop on league?
-kill yourself
-k ill b there in 5

Andrew and Marisol:

they don’t interact much, Andrew finds her kinda intimidating but theyre mostly neutral

Morti and Marisol:

Since they used to work together they get along pretty well and occasionally have tea parties together

Isaac and Olive:

Olive thinks hes a funky little freak

Morti and Olive:

once Again theyre not rlly close or anything but get along well and olive always repairs his laptop when its infested with viruses again (so.. basically every week). Morti often spends time at the archive to meet his "siblings" so that way they end up spending some time together.

Andrew and 19:

19 is only a minor character so he doesn’t have any notable relationships BUT he does rlly like andrew for some reason. Its not really clear why but he finds him... intriguing? i guess? maybe he has a little monster crush on him in that case it would be one sided tho because andrew is mostly scared of 19. Hes literally a 7 foot demon prisoner guy... thats just scary man

Isaac and Melvin:

theyre obviously not on good terms because melvin keeps trying to prove himself by fighting him. wich is extremely annoying and pointless to isaac of course. he doesnt see him as a threat or anything and even he would feel kinda bad about killing a kid so he just avoids him anytime hes near. Melvin actually looks up to issac sort of like to an older brother wich makes him want to beat him in a dual even more so its like... a one sided sibling relationship (maybe isaac will accept him one day. probably not.)

morti and frank:

they are bffs

viktor and milo:

ok their relationship is kind of messed up. milo doesnt rlly know that viktors intentions werent all that nice when he rescued him off the streets so he thinks he ows him his life (i mean he does but ... you know) and is super grateful and thinks hes literally the best and most amazing smart guy ever. Viktor really just sees him as a test subject for his experiments (or at least used to). hes often very annoyed by milo and thinks of getting rid of him if he becomes too much of a hassle. deep down he knows he could never go through with it tho because he totally did get attached and actually enjoys his company. Arguably kind of a Stockholm syndrom thing going on tho... can you call it that? i mean milo would be dead otherwise but eh ig its up for your own interpretation

isaac and panko:

rivals...ENEMIES even. basically isaac is permanently banned from any panko owned establishment. maybe he tried to hide the fact that his entire business relies on an idea he stole from isaac about 80 years ago..who knows... or it was the vandalism, armed robbery, breaking and entering and arson allegations. idk they fucking hate each other

gardener and una:

una is always on the lookout for new "talents" to join her and thats how she found gardener. they didnt want anything to do with the whole situation at first but got persuaded eventually. they clash quite a lot with unas more outgoing and attention seeking personality but somehow it works. or maybe they ballance each other out a bit. either way they became friends after some time and una frequently complains to gardener about all her problems and the people that pissed her off that day and they just listen and nod.

chas and 19:

19 is an inmate at the prison chas works at. there is really not much more to it. since chas doesnt really give a fuck about his job that might be one of the reasons 19 manages to break out so often. besides that they are mostly neutral towards each other. chas is often annoyed by him but doesnt exactly hold it against him.
since chas is a completely seperate and irrelevant character he never meets anyone of the main cast.