walking midlife crisis
  • AGE: old
  • HEIGHT: 195cm but rarely ever stands up straight
  • SPECIES: type A demon
  • GENDER: woman like the female gremlin with the lipstick
    and bra in Gremlins 2
  • currently stocking up on dart boards (spring sale) somewhere in hell
  • sometimes has 4 arms. for shits and giggles. she can have up to 8
  • LIKES: margarita night
  • does buzzfeed personality tests instead of working
  • the type of person to hold grudges for decades, ruins your life with her revenge and then acts like youre besties again
  • SKILLS: people puppetry, dubious activities such as cheating and various other tricks ♡, drinking shit no one should ever ingest ever, making a house out of coasters (cards are too difficult),
  • WEAPON OF CHOICE: strings
  • APPEARANCE: tall with a puppet or marionette like body wich makes her movements look very strange like shes weirdly limb or something. long, wavy blonde hair and her "clothes" look very fake like theyre painted onto her body. wich they probably are. she wears makeup and has an eight ball as her right eye, her left eyes sclera is black with a white iris. very long arms and legs
shes just there to be a mild menace. minor villain but honestly shes not committed enough to do any actual harm shes just fucking around


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