uni work

since i dont have as much time for personal art anymore i thought i might as well document the projects i do for uni
(i study game design for those who dont know). might be sorta interesting for u idk

some stuff i did for uni we were supposed to design a character for a mario cart type game. yea i went with uh the hors

(wizard nation up to mysterious and whimsical hijinks) uhm yeah basically i have to make like 21 characters for a board game abt selling potions

rough draft of the card layout and some playing figures i made out of clay

cover for the box. (ik i said it in the video but ill say it again i didnt come up with that name lol...its dumb but ngl i couldnt think of anything better so we just went with it). this drawing took me around 13 hours, its been a while since i made a finished looking illustration.

ehh im done with my part of the group project. the board and rules are still missing but thats none of my business

the finished game! sure its not perfect but im pretty proud of how it turned out

these are sketches for an arcade game pitch we have to do. obv i made it way more complicated than it needs to be cause im stupid and decided to do a fighting game. Basically the gist is you play as this office worker android who spilled coffe over his contol microchip and started malfunctioning. now he wants to quit his job but needs to take the elevator to get to his bosses office at the top of the building. since his malfunction got immediately reported to the system he gets stopped on every floor and needs to fight different office themed cyborg people. yeah thats it. also yes i shamelessly reused my A demon aesthetics for the designs whos gonna stop me? (i am creatively burned out)

update: my pitch went very well actually (slayed it. shrug) but it was kinda chaotic cause i hadnt slept for 24 hours and caught a cold and my laptop didnt connect and then i accidentally sent the link to a meme instead of my powerpoint