oho look whos getting some sunlight
  • AGE: teen (looks 13 and 40 at the same time)
  • HEIGHT: 174cm
  • SPECIES: human
  • GENDER: guy
  • currently residing in some basement
  • he chose that name himself as a sort of pseudonym (wow being very subtle there buddy) his actual name is Clyde lmao
  • LIKES: obscure 2000s cartoons,gatekeeping, milo
  • DISLIKES: taking showers, milo
  • type of guy to randomly send gore in the discord server and wonder why he gets kicked afterwards
  • posts on r/fiftyfifty
  • SKILLS: malpractice
  • WEAPON OF CHOICE: doesn’t fight but if he attacks its something shitty like injecting you with poison from behind
  • APPEARANCE: Teen boy whos somewhat short and sickly looking with greasy white hair. He wears red protective goggles, plain black shirt and jeans also a white zip up hoodie resembling the popular cartoon character bnuuy but he doesnt have the hood up so the bunny ears look more like fly wings. he kind of resembles a fly in general.
one of the main antagonists. OK SO- this mf gives me so much trouble. because he looks way too much like my sona ;_; HES NOT A SELF INSERT I SWEAR when i made him i didnt have that sona yet and i had black hair so yeah if anything i became him :I kinda dug that hole myself..


these drawings are all kinda old causeee i avoided drawing him the entire last year sry lol

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