profession: former executioner turned mercenary and religious nut
personality: generally off and uncomfortable to converse with. he is weirdly intense and has trouble expressing himself. when talking he always sounds constipated as fuck and never laughs at stuff. even if he finds something funny he just stares at you. probably due to lack of socialization while growing up. Becomes fiercly loyal to anyone hes attached to

Sinek comes from a small town in the midst of nothing but freezing plains and the occasional pine forest. He was the only son of the local executioner and therefore grew up very isolated from the rest, especially people his age. The job of executioner is passed down from generation to generation, and while its dirty work, shunned by the general public, within their family they adhere to very strict rules and values. There can only ever be one executioner at a time. Everything must go as cleanly as possible, anyone sentenced to death must be killed with the utmost care, no exceptions. Be proficient at what you do, but never enjoy it. Never. For that reason they use a ceremonial sword, overly heavy and unwieldy, with thorns lining the entirety of the handle. Holding, let alone swinging it for more than a few minutes, is excruciatingly painful. Sinek never liked the way things stood for him, but he accepted it nonetheless. Over the years he lost track of how many beheadings he watched his father perform. Yet it would be a lie to say his resentment didnt grow with every body he had to drag through the snow to dispose of. For better or for worse, his days as an apprentice were over when he turned 16 and it was time to take over the family business. Murder was a crime as well as a sin under any circumstance, including if it was your job. The execution of your former mentor was therefore customary as the final step in replacing him. So when the day came and Sinek felt thorns dig deep into him as his grip tightened and the thud of his fathers head echoed unnaturally loud through his ears, he felt relief, almost serenity. Followed by horror as he realized he had just broken the most important rule on his very first day of work.


Soon after the incident he left behind his home to find a new purpose, something he was more deserving of. He strongly believes in punishment and that those who deserve it will face it in some way sooner or later, but because he doesnt trust
his own morals and judgement he
has to rely on others. Which leads him to fanatically follow
the instructions
of those he deems
above him, be it
a god or an

good job on finding this secret compartment too bad i havent written down the lore yet LOL. everyone point and laugh. have this shitty discord message as a placeholder and come back later. inacios backstory ist basically dass seine eltern beide peasants waren und sehr gläubig und superstitious sind und deswegen bei der schwangerschaft schon bei einer wahrsagerin waren die basically gesagt hat „ja scheisse euer sohnemann ist verdammt“ und das ist dann auch so gekommen als bei der geburt das gesamte haus abgefackelt ist. er und seine mom haben aber actually überlebt mehr oder weniger. und sie dachte damit ist die prophezeiung schon in erfüllung gegangen und er hat durch ein miracle überlebt deswegen hat sie ihn dann in die obhut von der church of Ilmater gegeben damit die sich um seine wunden kümmern und idk weil sie denkt er wäre begabt. fast forward und er ist tatsächlich ziemlich gut indem was er tut und tut so als wäre er „chosen“ weil er als kind überlebt hat, ist aber eigentlich super paranoid dass der hatman ihn bald holen kommt und sein schicksal doch noch nicht zugetroffen ist weil er kanns ja nt wissen. und er hat eigentlich überhaupt kein vertrauen in götter und denkt dass das beste was man als cleric machen kann den glauben der menschen und die identität der götter für sich selbst auszunutzen da die ja sowieso nichts juckt was bei den menschen so passiert (sonst würden nicht so viele schlimme dinge passieren). deswegen hat er sich in den rängen der kirche hochgearbeitet bis zum status als inquisitor um halt seine macht auszuüben bla bla ja naja jz ist er auserdem noch dazu super paranoid dass ihn irgendjemand assasinaten will oder seinen downfall plant deswegen versucht er such von seiner kirche etwas zu distanzieren und etwas neues, noch besseres zu finden. 🤔



age: somewhere between 30 and 47
height: 186cm
profession: grand inquisitor

some may meet him with distrust but even they cant deny the way his presence can fill an entire room. There is always some air of intrigue to the way he talks and holds himself, something captivating, whether youre able to look right through his outwardly kind behavior or not. Clearly, this is the kind of man people come to for guidance, someone you would follow blindly on any path he takes no matter how dangerous or uncertain it may be. He claims to be some inquisitor of sorts, which might have been true at some point, although his current motives remain as allusive as his past. despite his extremely poor vision he has an eerie way of reading people, seemingly always knowing the right things to say. Inácio is indeed willing to tend to anyones wounds and lend an ear to their truths. if they are willing to share them.