her last wish in death was to be able to get anything she couldn’t have as a human in her next life. which sure came true when she got reborn as one of the most powerful demons like...ever. Dont think she just got handed everything on a silver platter tho...she worked HARD alright? whats the point of accomplishing things when you don’t get that rewarding feeling of knowing that this is all because of your own accomplishments and no one else. her innocent wish of a better life got twisted into a never ceasing hunger for more. more power more control more knowledge more EVERYTHING.
but then she found out that this world is slowly ceasing and only has like what? 300 more years to go? what are 300 years to her? fucking nothing. if this world ends what will be left for her to consume? There is no way she would ever let that happen. uselessly sitting around, clinging to the last scraps of a dying universe just waiting for your eventual demise? if anyone will have the last word its gonna be her and her alone. so she decided she will be the one to trigger the apocalypse herself and shes gonna be the one that has the control to end it all.