archive of former images of the week

in this sacred place we collect all the wonderfull photographies that would have been lost otherwise... feel free to look at them but DO NOT touch them. they are extremly antique and delicate (we have to keep them in a dark place because the slightest touch of sunlight would turn them to dust.)


we had some technical difficulties (im lying) so there was no image last week. but this week i present to you: this fuckingggg pyramid head some girl made in my pottery class???? why are his boobs like that. idk when i saw it part of my brain collapsed like i lost a synapse or something.


you can tell this cat is going through intense emotional anguish. his eyes give it away... praying to god that he will be able to figure out his conflicting feelings and find peace.


this weeks image issss *drumroll* whatsapp ice-cream! hurray! im currently dying of heat flashes so i could use some tbh...also my dad send me a fortnite music video on whatsapp yesterday. see...its all coming together now


todays image son... he has every disease. fucking uhhhhhhh baby seal. *dizzy* uho woah...*stumbles and hits my head* god damni- PUT HIM BACK IN THE OCEAN *eugh* NAOW


this weeks images features popular content creator nostalgia critic. ever since i looked in the mirror and noticed that I’m wearing the exact same outfit as him (hat and all..god damn) hes been on my mind a lot. thats all.


todays image is this little guy. its a reminder to all of us. this will happen if iphone. :/ also reminds me of a certain someone whos name starts with v and ends with iktor....huh... very silly indeed dont forget to snoose in cat bed and drink milk. yes.


todays featured image is this creature. ohhhh the things i would do if i was in possession of this beast. for one i would put it in a basket and feed it with an assorted mix of nuts but all this remains a fantasy...sometimes we have to face the truth. he wouldnt want to be my roommate


todays image doubles as an announcement. from now on this cat will take care of my duties as webmaster because i joined the romanian circus and will be departing shortly. farewell everyone! or "fromage!" as we say in the showbiz.


todays image has many layers for people to enjoy. i dabble in slaying myself occasionally. also very fitting for th halloween season.


this image just speaks to me on a personal level. nice,friendly cat, honest words in a dishonest world. truly a glimpse into a purer form of life.