archive of former images of the week

in this sacred place we collect all the wonderfull photographies that would have been lost otherwise... feel free to look at them but DO NOT touch them. they are extremly antique and delicate (we have to keep them in a dark place because the slightest touch of sunlight would turn them to dust.) thank you so much dear webmaster for these breathtaking semi-weekly images!


this weeks image is a zombie spider covered in fungus (yass). We have lots of these in our basement so this image really reminds me of my childhood. One time the basement got flooded and my dad put me in a big bucket and sent me into its dark and soggy depths. You may be surprised to hear a bucket doesnt work well as a boat and it quickly filled with water and dead slugs. was quite terrifying, good times (thumbs up)


this weeks image doubles as a public service announcement! stop and THINK! next time you go out to drink your quirky beverage ask yourself: is it worth it? every day these poor and innocent peace loving creatures are hunted for their eyeballs. and for what? so that your milk tea can taste like ouuuuhhhhh aouhhhhhh? if your answer to that is "yea tapioca yummy" then you truly have no compassion, let alone a soul. just look at him.


this weeks image features a handsome anteater lad sitting on a laptop cheeky style. this picture has a very strong 2005 energy ...something about that color scheme. im pretty sure i looked at this guys neocities page before (it had a y2k old web asthetic and an impressive amount of southpark shrines.) left a message in his guestbook for him. anteaters arent allowed to have electronic devices tho so hell probably be executed soon


just on time i present to you this weeks image: a harsh world with an innocent puppy child frolicking and munching on a yummy lollipop. Upon closer inspection hes is wearing a minion shirt! right on. he knows whats up. im actuallly not sure what game this is from (FAKE GAMER ALERT FAKE GAMER ALERT *they break into my house as a siren rings to take me and throw me into the nearest pit never to be seen again*) fuck uhhh whos going to update this page now that the webmaster suddenly and mysteriously disappeared ? taking applications now


this weeks image is super late because i couldnt find a good one! Believe it or not but working at the jpg mines daily is a difficult and exhausting job wich is not always fruitful. this cute monkey with a snowball isnt exactly up to the standard either but alas. not every image can be a winner. sending thanks to my friend for providing me with this monkey. monkey ball. its so light you can barely see it, seems like this little guy is trapped in some kind of empty white mirror dimension without a sense of direction or goal exept make ball.


this week i present you: car rays. i like how ambiguous this image is or maybe im just not smart enough to fully analyze it. i can feel there is a deeper meaning. the masses struggle as the freshwater stingray thrives. chillin with their buddies in the tub. moisturized etc. you can tell its a freshwater ray because theyre round like a pancake. (giant freshwater stingray may be the worlds largest freshwater fish btw they found a HUGE one a week ago) pretty awesome thumbs up


this weeks image does not fit the official image of the week(tm) criteria but i shall make an exception because knights have i mentioned that knights with armor and uhhh historically accurate knights fantasy knights are good too even better one might argue. when the the the swords and stuff. knight stuff . hellebards even. when i was a wee lad i was at the town castle thing and i stared at an oil painting of a dude in black armor (quiet beserk fans this does not concern you) and my parents had to physically pull me away ok onto another topic: knights with cool swords. honest opinion? pretty epic and i have normal feelings regarding them.


this week i present you: an image of a rat king in a jar. this is a rare phenomenon where rats get intertwined at their tails and believe it or not the largest and only mummified rat king consisting of 32 rats was found in the town i grew up in. and its basically the only thing it has to offer ^_^ i looked at it many times in the museum as a kid it sure does consist of rats! and oh boy are they mummified! Actually based tbh


this weeks image is a 100% authentic depiction of me taking a bath. (Gentleman style). yes this is truly something that happens a lot in my house i love products such as soap and uhh conditioner. for conditioning my italian leather shoes. only thing i dont enjoy as much is the fact that i have to get my wristwatch fixed every time it gets water damage. though it is a small price to pay for the ability to track the hours ive spent in this pleasant bubble soup ~


the 202x170px size restriction really doesnt do this weeks image justice. i highly recommend opening it in a new tab. i feel like this is what my art looks like to 80% of people but im fine with that tbh there is no energy rawer than 2013 deviant art posts by some unstable middle schooler. lots of artists try to recreate that feel nowadays but it’s never gonna work guys give up. no shame in it i couldt do it either. i do appreciate the attempt tho


resident evil 8 came out only a year ago thats fucking crazy. where are all my heisenheads at? any karlinators? no? ok... well. i think that game resonated with me because i too live in a shitty fucking village wich basically looks just like that. (europe moment everybody point and laugh). changed my brain chemistry a little tbh i want to pick up ethan winters ,put him on a high shelf and watch him struggle to get down again


this weeks image is this AI generated thing. its very thought provoking. funny how a computer can create a depiction of such a visceral emotion. i probably couldnt. the way its staring into nothingness with its human eyes. yea. real asf. also whats that thing on its back? a backpack ? a tumor ? who knows. i hope someone makes an AI generated animated show or something one day thatd be absolutely horrid.


this weeks image is honestly just pleasant. its so cute it makes me want to smash my head in with a hammer. that seal.... looks so adorable.... ... eugh.... grah. GRAHHHHHHHHH actually it’s painful i will never get to pet a seal cause like... i'll probably never even see one irl. thats so fucked up tbh. its like i can feel it. i just know it would be awesome . how do these things even exist they look so fake. like how are they alive


this weeks image may be new to you but is a classic to me. Chuckle worthy indeed. i have had this picture as a widget permanently on my phone for over a year now and im still not tired of it tbh. never will. basically horses are fucking hilarious. easily amongst top 10 funniest animals and im passionate about it too i keep talking about it to my friends and family. horse. horses.


dapper lad if i do say so myself. not the first time we featured a fancy animal as the image of the week AND IT WONT BE THE LAST EITHER. as a kid i used to be scared of catfish because they sometimes eat people. id be ok with it if he ate me though. i think hed be very respectful and polite about it and use a fork and napkin. kinda looks like tahm kench also... but tahm kench would be rude af i think


guys :0 its its its metamorphosis ! kafka!!1! i think its funny how everyone on the internet is obsessed with that book i bet they didnt even read it. i mean hell i didnt read it either lol but this image probably has nothing to do with that anyway. great picture i must say. the way hes just laying there helplessly. bug. awesome. i think this is going to happen to me within the next few months. im pretty sure.


der Amorphus globosus (gr. αμορφή amorphē ‚gestaltlos‘ und lat. globus ‚Kugel‘) ist eine in der Tiermedizin, besonders beim Hausrind vorkommende Fehlbildung. Anstelle eines normal entwickelten Fetus kommt es dabei zur Bildung eines von behaarter Haut überzogenen, mehr oder wenig kugelförmigen Gebildes das Anteile aller drei Keimblätter enthält; die Differenzierung seines Inhalts kann dabei stark variieren. Ein Amorphus globosus ist mangels funktioneller Organe nicht lebensfähig.


this weeks image is this depressed looking poo. it sums up my feelings regarding this creature pretty well bacause everyone in grade school was playing poo and dressing it up in little pirate costumes or whatever but my parents didnt let me because they said "poo is going to rot your brain". not letting your child play poo should be legally classified as abuse tbh.


mads mikkelsen holding a copy of the scott pilgrim vs the world i didnt know he likes to manipulate women... this is crazy news but the evidence is right here in this non-edited image of the week!


enough said.


this weeks image is the KFC guitar hero meal. ive never been to KFC nor have i ever played guitar hero but... you dont get it i NEED this... im shaking i have tears in my eyes im sweating my mouth is watering im gripping my head


this weeks image is this well mannered gentleman. a dapper dog. (there is a character called dapper dog in that one show uhhh i forgor) anyways... im loving the fit. he looks a bit shy but there is no need to be since everyone admires his fine taste and sophisticated look.


this weeks image is this whimsical wizard. now let me tell you this pic goes hard. raw even. as any wizard image does of course. i had an incredible collection of them last year but they’re all gone (comparable to the loss of the library of Alexandria when it burned down).


we had some technical difficulties (im lying) so there was no image last week. but this week i present to you: this fuckingggg pyramid head some girl made in my pottery class???? why are his boobs like that. idk when i saw it part of my brain collapsed like i lost a synapse or something.


you can tell this cat is going through intense emotional anguish. his eyes give it away... praying to god that he will be able to figure out his conflicting feelings and find peace.


this weeks image issss *drumroll* whatsapp ice-cream! hurray! im currently dying of heat flashes so i could use some tbh...also my dad send me a fortnite music video on whatsapp yesterday. see...its all coming together now


todays image son... he has every disease. fucking uhhhhhhh baby seal. *dizzy* uho woah...*stumbles and hits my head* god damni- PUT HIM BACK IN THE OCEAN *eugh* NAOW


this weeks images features popular content creator nostalgia critic. ever since i looked in the mirror and noticed that I’m wearing the exact same outfit as him (hat and all..god damn) hes been on my mind a lot. thats all.


todays image is this little guy. its a reminder to all of us. this will happen if iphone. :/ also reminds me of a certain someone whos name starts with v and ends with iktor....huh... very silly indeed dont forget to snoose in cat bed and drink milk. yes.


todays featured image is this creature. ohhhh the things i would do if i was in possession of this beast. for one i would put it in a basket and feed it with an assorted mix of nuts but all this remains a fantasy...sometimes we have to face the truth. he wouldnt want to be my roommate


todays image doubles as an announcement. from now on this cat will take care of my duties as webmaster because i joined the romanian circus and will be departing shortly. farewell everyone! or "fromage!" as we say in the showbiz.


todays image has many layers for people to enjoy. i dabble in slaying myself occasionally. also very fitting for th halloween season.


this image just speaks to me on a personal level. nice,friendly cat, honest words in a dishonest world. truly a glimpse into a purer form of life.