omg its miss neziah *blushes* ah so sorry!*trips and falls*
  • AGE: thats a rude thing to ask
  • HEIGHT: 197cm or 6'4 (in heels)
  • SPECIES: type 0 demon
  • GENDER: female
  • probably the reason yozr pay got cut
  • Titles: the second, the consumption, nezzi
  • current leader off hell
  • nominated for "most villainous woman in a power position 2004"
  • SKILLS: manipulation, murder, candycrush, money laundering
  • WEAKNESS: waiting in line
  • WEAPON OF CHOICE: big sword (or katana if u wanna be a nerd about it)
  • APPEARANCE: tall humanoid demon with sharp toothed mouthes all over her clothes (?) its hard to tell whats clothes and whats part of her body... either way its supposed to look stylish and intimidating wich she definitely accomplished.
i procrastinated making her wiki cause shes more of a serious character wich means... really hard to write for me ;_;. but yea basically she is the main villain of this story go go go


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