it has come to my attention for the second time now that someone online is (basically) impersonating me. by that i mean theming their entire online presence around using my art for pfps, banners, posts, and even using my name. this was a pretty extreme case (i mean bruh they even used my art for every spotify playlist they had) but ive seen a couple of tamer ones too where people would heavily use my works for their layouts and it lead to confusions.
i dont mind if people use my art as pfps or whatever, but when it leads other people to thinking youre actually me thats where i have a problem.
so seriously, if you heavily use my works etc on your account you need to somehow clarify that youre not me (and credit me also lol).
and make it REALLY clear not just as a small footnote link. just so you know, my instagram handles are enterbr0th and at0micjest, on tumblr and reddit im atomicjest too those are the only places i post art sometimes. any other account i just lurk and i never use my own art for banners etc. i dont use rentry or carrd or toyhouse that shit is gay and im not on ponytown either thats just random people who like my stuff not me.

PSA over the next part is just a rant. on a similar note, i really dont care if you want to kin my characters or whatever the fuck but please use some common sense. i am a normal ass person and this website isnt just some piece of media by a big company for you to consume and use to your hearts content. dont get me wrong it makes me very happy when people like and care about the things i do and my characters and stories but dont forget that theres just some bloke behind it. and i dont appreciate it when someone just copies my entire existence and style and interests as their bi-monthly obsession. like... be genuine for one second and actually find your own identity and voice instead of going "this is literally me" to everything you see and find sorta neat. is that you? is it? or is it just something you WISH was you because you find it cool on a surface level. when did you ever actually incorporate anything like that into your actual life (pinterest boards dont fucking count.) sorry for the fact that im very obviously annoyed but this is a thing that has been bothering me about modern online culture for a while now. just shit like "knight-core" or whatever, when have you actually sat your ass down and researched actual historic practices or different types of armor or weaponry or just anything thats not a pretty picture you look at for 5 seconds (this goes for anything not just knights obviously). are you into the thing or do you just wish you were someone who can actually give a fuck about it because it fits the ~edgy esoteric nerdy niche~ persona you build of yourself in your head.