brutal: satsujin kansatsukan no kokuhaku
score: idk/10

idk what to rate it.. it was ok ig but eh

usually i review series/movies but its been a long time since i actually finished reading a manga so i thought hey why not review it. first of all- major TW for SA, grooming, abuse and general violence if you intend on reading it, like most horror manga its pretty graphic (or "brutal" he ho haha sry). in short its about a police officer who does "good deeds" by killing and torturing criminals. anyways getting straight to the point here idk what rating out of 10 i should give it. i think it was kinda mid but i sorta enjoyed it? it has the same issues most horror mangas have but it was quite entertaining i managed to binge it in a few hours and its still ongoing i think. (im caught up to ch.19 atm).

ill start off with what i liked about it. first of all the main character was actually pretty interesting i thought he was gonna be your standard "fancy suit guy whit a dark secret oh boy he kills people" type guy but hes actually just some weirdo and still manages to be likable despite being completely deranged. and ngl the joke about his shitty pottery gets me every time i actually laughed out loud once because his fucked up mug caught me off guard. we dont get much or well- any backstory on him except that he was in love with some guy (i think its a guy? idk they dont talk abt it much but its implied ig) in high school and something happened . i dont count that as a spoiler cuz they dont elaborate at all and im sure theyll show his full backstory in the future. Anyway i liked that guy he was kinda funny goofy. crazy dude. another thing i liked uhhhh its a very fast read and i mostly didnt get bored. the art style was good too, nothing crazy but it works. Honestly there isnt much that particularly stands out as good its mostly just alright standard stuff.

okay now the stuff i didnt like: i mean its essentially a collection of revenge stories like, its supposed to be satisfying when Dan kills those guys. Which i think is fine mostly but they spent so much time showing what awful people they are and too little on the payoff i mean idk thats just my personal opinion . they could’ve gone a little more heavy on the gore. like we get 30 pages off some girl being abused and only 4 off the guy getting thrown off the cliff thats a bad ratio. and yeah- thats one of the "common issues with horror mangas" i mentioned earlier, there is a LOT of violence specifically against women. it felt very excessive and the SA scenes did not have to be that graphic and long. like yeah the abuser gets punished in the end but still. another thing was a lot of the times the characters were just comically evil which made it hard to take them seriously and it all was kinda unintentionally goofy at times. also the most graphic/shocking parts were at the beginning of the manga and it gets sort of more tame towards the end? Which is bit weird you would think its the opposite. also missed the opportunity to make some interesting commentary about morality or something especially since Dan is a police officer but they dont rlly try to do anything deep. thats honestly is fine by me id rather have a story thats just mindless entertainment than some half-assed philosophy or monologue that isnt done right.

ok so all in all do i recommend reading it? if you like horror and dont have any issue with the aforementioned triggers yea go for it ig but if youre understandably bothered by that stuff (especially the SA) then nah its not worth it. im pretty desensitized to it all since i read a lot of horror mangas in my lifetime and theyre all the same so it didnt stand out to me much. wouldnt say its good but its entertaining. also no idea if it has a fandom but i feel like the fans are gonna be super weird lol

here are some pics: