heartbreak high
score: 5/10

surprisingly entertaining but obviously stupid

believe it or not but dumb high school shows are one of my biggest guilty pleasures besides adult swim cartoons. i like them because i can just turn off my brain and be head empty while watching. so did i think this show was good? ehhh nah not really. but i did enjoy watching it ngl i binged it in 2 days. for those who dont know, heartbreak high is about these two friends who had a big fight which broke them apart and we only find out what really happened at the very end. they had a wall in the school where they would write about all the relationships of other students on it and (obviously) the school finds out and Amerie (the protag) gets in trouble and everyone at school hates her. yes its pretty much exactly what youd expect from that kind of premise and show and yes it’s pretty much just sex education but Australian instead of British.

as always im gonna start with what i liked about it. the comedic timing was actually pretty good on a lot of the jokes and while some of them were cringe i think all in all its a pretty funny show. Also even tho almost all the characters are assholes lowkey its actually not unbearable to watch them. Which is something not every show with unlikable characters achieves! also theres thismone character whos your typical "quirky girl" archetype which are always very obviously neurodivergent, but they actually had the balls to just straight up make her autistic this time. I can respect that at least even if she was kinda cringe. (also fuck her gf lol she rlly reminds me of some people i know). queer rep was pretty decent, i mean i couldnt relate whatsoever but ive given up on that atp. what else did i like hmmmm... i liked that there wasnt any unnecessary nudity, because the characters are supposed to be teens after all (caugh caugh euphoria).

ok so now things i didnt like. its uh... for a lack of better words "tiktokified". many cringey uses of stan twitter slang irl and stuff like that (someone actually said "i love it when a toxic bitch is in her flop era😍" out loud) its a bit hard to watch at times. but then again there are real life teens who talk like that so honestly its not even that unrealistic. im just not sure how self aware the show is? because a lot of the characters do act like shitty 16-20 year olds but idk how intentional it is or if youre supposed to like the them or not. its kinda hard to describe what exactly i mean when you havent watched the show. but for example they all wear these horrid 2020 trendy ali express/shein necklaces and outfits wich a lot of people irl do too so its sorta realistic but also maybe its just bad costume design and theyre actually supposed to look good. if its truly all intentional the props to them but idk if i give them that much credit. either way ig it sorta works. also i just did not like harper at all shes so fucking annoying. like i get why she was pissed at amerie but the way she just refuses to tell her what happened or why shes so mad when amerie genuinely couldnt have known is just so stupid. and she just keeps treating her and others like shit the entire time even if it wasnt super intentionally malicious (spoiler:) like when she slept with malakai, that was totally taking advantage of him when he was in a vulnerable state and just wrong honestly. but the show doesnt even really address it from that perspective and makes it about a weird slut shaming thing? also why tf did she throw a cake at amerie as if she couldnt have handled that any other way. and her dating the guy amerie was in love with for years even tho she didnt even rlly care for him because "idk it just happened". Whatever i feel like she just sucks. oh and ca$hs hairstyle is atrocious and i hate looking at it. also ik thats just what these shows are like but the cast seemed very stereotypical i wouldve liked some subversion. eh.

so all in all i think it is what it is. its just like what youd expect. Which is fine. it does kind of seem like they were like "ok lets mix sex education with euphoria its gonna be banger" tho.

here are some pics:

side note: sorry for not writing any reviews (no one cares lol) its just that all the movies/shows i watched recently i didnt pay attention whatsoever and forgot most of the plot so id dont rllly wanna review them ...heh