score: 9.5/10

actually really good. exciting plot and cool characters and looks rlly pretty too. waiting for season 2... going a bit feral

(doesnt contain spoilers) I really didnt expect to like this show so much. listen i have partaken in the sinful act of playing league of legends before and wasnt very impressed (also i suck at it lol) but this was such a cool universe and the animation and environment look amazing. usually i get bored easily watching 40 min episodes but that basically never happened here

honestly i dont even have that much to say about it other than its good and you should watch it. i liked how you could sympathize with every character even the villains so its really hard to hate anyone and you get invested in all their stories. i also liked how they handeled the female characters they’re all awesome,well developed and not objectified or anything (saying this cause league def has had biiig issues with that *caugh caugh* missfortune and 90% of the old female designs *caugh caugh*).

there are only a few minor things i didnt like that i didnt like that much but theyre mostly just personal preference. for once i thaught the ending was a bit anticlimactic i mean i liked the episode its just i expected a bit more to happen since some other eps were way more hype but yea it was still good. then some moments between jinx and silco were kinda weird and uncomfortable idk if it was intended or not? i like their father and daughter relationship but idk that scene at the lake i was like "oh god fuck no is he gonna kiss her??" and i wasnt the only one who thaught that lol. but then again idk if it was just weirdly executed or written to show a toxic relationship...it wasnt clear to me but its more of a nitpick anyways.

warning incoming rant where i get sidetracked lol: theres this thing where arcane sorta falls in this pattern a lot of modern animated series do. i love vi and caitlyn together and its awesome that wlw are getting so much rep recently i just wish there was the same attention towards gay men. i know its because theyre really hard to market (especially to gamers lol) ive even seen someone from league talk about them not being allowed to make the dudes gay on twitter. all the lgbt characters in league are women (again not saying ther should be less. in fact there should be even more!) and the only guy is varus who doesnt even really count cause its only kinda shown in a music video and never mentioned in lore. in arcane at the beginning they really hinted at viktor and jayce possibly being romantic and then just gave us what felt like a big fuck you in ep 5 i mean idk what i expected but they def crushed my hopes. justice for viktor! ;_; . so yea i mean it doesnt make the show worse really it just makes me sad.

anyways viktor is vinnie coded and had an unrequited crush on jayce because im always correct on how i interpret the story lol! also i work at league of legends headquarters and they say everything i say is true soooooo yea. ^_^

edit: i recently rewatched the show with a friend so i wanted to add some things. first of all its def worth rewatching! so good still but also you notice all the foreshadowing and small details. if anything i like it even more now. about my viktor rant: i mean its pretty obvious they wouldn’t actually make it gay idk why that hit me so hard on first watch lmao (listen.. im just desperate for some good rep okay ;_;). i do still think that viktor is queercoded tho there are just so many parallels between him and mel. also i mean look at him. Anyways- That’s all