-mysterious skin-

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honestly no idea what to rate this and i don t rlly want to either

(doesnt contain spoilers) so like... if youre gonna watch this movie HUGE TW for SA child abuse and rape im not kidding. take it seriously.

ive watched it on youtube (rented it) a few minutes ago and damn. yeah it was really good but very very hard to watch especially at the beginning. its one of those stories where you can guess the outcome/twist from the beginning and it gets clearer and clearer what really happened by the minute. like you know its creeping closer but when it hits you you just feel empty. its super sad but i didnt cry (probably just cause im totally numb towards media atp). i dont know what to say much other than its an experience lol. also sad to say that i could relate to brian... kinda pisses me off when people mention the movie and the first thing they say is how hot the characters were. like dude :I.

anyways...very beautiful and fucked up film i cant exactly say i recommend it but if you watched and liked it you should check out this manga called "kami no kodomo" theyre not directly related or anything i just feel like it has a different yet similar vibe you might enjoy.

edit: ok imma be honest i have no idea why i put kami no kodomo here lol it was like 3 am when i wrote this and i was kinda in the zone. yea they basically don’t have a similar vibe at all? idk what i was thinking but ill keep it here anyways since its still a pretty interesting manga (TW tho)