the house
score: 7/10

not bad but wasnt my cup of tea ig

short review again

it was an interesting little movie and i always appreciate unconventional animation styles. i can tell whoever made it cared a lot about it but i just. didnt. i thought it was sorta boring at times and it just didnt catch me ig. i liked the second and third story a lot more than the first one tho idk why but something about they way the humans looked and the voiceacting made me legitimately go into a violent state of frenzy. in a bad way. the animals looked cute its just the human family idk they just looked so fucking punchable like i wanted to pick them up and throw them against a wall and their stupid fucking voices oh my god. but that not actual critique thats just me being deranged.

i liked the symbolism of the movie tho and how the house resembled the character in each story. there seem to be multiple interpretations of what it all means so i suggest watching a youtube video analysis or something afterwards lol. but thats pretty much all i have to say about it.

it was alright. i think other people will probably enjoy it more than i did.

here are some pics:

LOOK AT THESE MFS!!! GODDDD they make me so mad Mabel i dont give a fuck that youre a little kid i will find you and i will kill you