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Quick Revs

score: 6/10
theater experience: 8.5/10

the movie itself is alr but i actually really enjoyed it mainly due to the sound design in the cinema. also i love historical movies and science stuff so it made a bit sad. im okay with being an artist for the rest of my life but im actually quite passionate about those topics too and wouldve pursued them given the chance. alas. the casting, german dub and overall production quality were good too

score: idk/10

i feel like its unfair for me to rate this movie since im like the opposite of the target audience. obv i didnt care much for it

mad god
score: 8.5/10

goes hard asf i mean the pacing is sluggish as all hell but idrc

wendell and wild
score: 7/10

cool but plot was very rushed esp at the end

cyberpunk edgerunners
score: 6.8/10

was enjoyable but the characters werent written very well (lucy bruh...)

Top Gun: Maverick
score: 3.7/10

movie sucked balls. also you assholes tricked me theres no dudes kissing only US military propaganda

Super Dark Times
score: 6/10

liked it at first but the ending was whack. they threw it in the last quarter

the sandman
score: 5/10

i wanted to like it as a campy series but the CGI was so horrendous im sorry. theres no redeeming the last few episodes.. (corinthian was cool tho)

score: 6/10

was alright. didnt rlly find it disturbing tho

this is the place for fishy reviews of stuff. "dude no one cares what you think of things stop this tomfoolery right this instant." that might be correct but consider the following: im just your average bloke that feels the need to share his opinion on every single subject matter just as much as the next guy. (even if theyre just subjective ramblings)