for a zombie he definitely sucks at dying. usually undead only make it for a few years in purgatory before getting purified or eaten as a snack by a demon yet this guy managed to "live" for over 100 years after death? and hes so good at his job that he got awarded a portal key by the founder of the P-INC! its a pretty big deal cause this gives him the ability to create different kinds of portals, for example to the living world whenever he wants. Demons usually look down on undead but isaac has gained a decent reputation in hell over the years and is is on good terms with a lot of them. or- thats what he tells himself at least. in reality theyve just gotten so used to him being around that they dont even see him as human anymore.
He always likes teasing andrew and can be kind of a dick in general. His personality isnt exactly pleasant... many would describe him as "an annoying brat". Altho he is quite social and outgoing in a superficial way, he doesnt rlly have any close fiends except for morti (and later andrew). having to watch all his partners die horrible deaths for over a century made him keep a distance and not get attached to anyone or anything. to him everything including himself is disposable and can be replaced easily, caring about things just makes it harder for everyone so he just tries to have fun till his day comes (again).



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song: credits song for my death by vivivivi