girls that go "ho ho ho >:3"
  • AGE: ca 18 in demon years
  • HEIGHT: 158cm or 5'2
  • SPECIES: type B demon
  • GENDER: girlie
  • the little grub
  • ID: just marisol
  • currently working as archival assistant after being fired from her former job because of a misunderstanding
  • *beats you to death*
  • RELATIONSHIPS: frenemies with 90% of the people in her life
  • SKILLS: terrorizing men, godlike osu combos, collecting rare monster high dolls, holding grudges, digging through forums that have last been active in 2008
  • WEAPON OF CHOICE: just bugs.
  • APPEARANCE: pink skin and big ass red bug eyes. she wears lolita fashion and has long blonde pigtails with pink strands. she also has two antenna on her head other than that she looks almost human right...?...RIGHT?
i need to stop neglecting her... im sorry


Maris wig will never be snatched. its super glued on

enter the marizone

◤      ◥


◣      ◢