because of his nonthreatening nature (for a demon at least) he was given the task to welcome the new undead humans into purgatory, show them around and introduce them to their new lifestyle (including the "go exorcice or get executed" policy"). He takes his job very seriously and tries his best to come across as friendly and approachable but ends up giving everyone a heartattack on accident anyways. he really tries to behave "normal", keep his eyes shut, his limbs twisted in natural ways and to quit leaking strange black liquids but he just cant help it!

while he cant keep himself from looking and behaving like a demon his personality is quite different from most. hes not particulary blood thirsty or violent at all... hes actually very polite and caring in his own eventho hes not supposed to he always goes to risk his own wellbeing to save isaac and andrew out of trouble. The most unusual thing about him tho is that he has absolutely no recollection of the time before he became a demon wich although he doesnt show it really unnerves him... for some reason he always has the fear of scaring or hurting people even when theres no reason to and he has the creeping feeling that it has something to do with his former life as a human.


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