what a pleasant and symetrical young fellow!
  • AGE: its hard to tell from his looks maybe late 20s? who knows
  • HEIGHT: 192cm or 6'3
  • SPECIES: type A demon
  • GENDER: "male"
  • dont stare at me with them big ol' eyes!
  • ID: just morti
  • currently taking care of isaac and andrew like some kinda single dad
  • government assigned cat adjacent creature guy
  • SKILLS: accidentally freaking people out, getting out of trouble, rotating head 180°, staring, making "tea"
  • WEAKNESS: spam mail
  • WEAPON OF CHOICE: scythe but uses it rarely. hes not big on fighting and prefers to let others handle it
  • APPEARANCE: like a stereotypical type A demon. tall and slim. skin is completly white and has an unusal texture thats hard to describe but def doesnt feel human... has huge almost completly black eyes but keeps them shut most of the time. there are little red swirls on his cheeks wich are the only colorful thing about him the rest is completely black and white. he also has two ears?horns? what the hell even are those.. he wont let anyone touch them
never skip morti monday!!!


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