most critically acclaimed AO3 author in hell! here she is!
  • AGE: at death:18
  • HEIGHT: 181cm or 6'0 (in heels)
  • SPECIES: undead
  • GENDER: girlboss whatever
  • no one knows shes human??woah
  • ID: just olive
  • currently working as a library assistant and having a blast
  • good for her!
  • she should rlly take that mask off...
  • SKILLS: memorizing books, impressive work with hotglue, drawing "awesome manga girlz"?, communicating with angels
  • WEAPON OF CHOICE: chainsaw
  • APPEARANCE: she's got a mask vaguely resembling notebook paper with 3 eyes (she can only see out of one tho). other than that she wears a black dress with puffy sleeves and a white tailcoat vest over it. her boots are definetly uncomfortable but they look cool and make her taller thats all that matters. on her shoulder or floating around is a little demon bandwurm who she befriended that helps her store books and summon her weapon.
shes sooo neurodivergency

olive playlist ^^ (equal parts fandom cringe and based just like her)


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