olive playlist

the story of how she died is honestly pretty funny, she was taking pics of her "epic" cosplay on the balcony untill she slipped and well.. fell from a 4 story building and broke her neck..and skull.. and pretty much every bone in her body... when she woke up in purgatory she was greeted by morti who, because of his shitty eyesight, mistook her costume for her being a demon. sadly she cant tell that story to anyone tho because to this day her secret has never been revealed. shes been working at the archives for over 10 years now and shes loving it! sure it was a shock at first but now shes rlly embraced her new identity and even got a demon girlfriend
(so.. basically she won at life..death..whatever).

whats more interesting to study than hell anyways? there are so many things that dont add up about it. over time olive has grown more and more obsessed with all there is to know about the realms and her main goal right now is to find out everything about those strange books she found deep in the archives. they seem to contain the entire history of the world but theyre.. all wrong.. they are incredibly detailed but have events depicted that never happened and others that are out of order or with completely different people. you could just assume that theyre simply inaccurate but somehow olive knows that these things really happened, just maybe not this time.


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