you really do feel silly. honk honk.

Ok so first were gonna check in on some of the more troublesome inmates. 34 gets stuck in the bars sometimes, Just making sure theyre okay. but not TOO okay. Theyre not supposed to enjoy being here.

Honestly no idea why prisons are even a thing here in hell its not like laws exist and you can just kill anyone whos a threat to you.

Whatever I dont actually care as long as I get payed but the funding has gone down so much the past few years because neziah clearly doesnt give a fuck anymore.

its really just a completely pointless building full of annoying assholes if you ask me

i didnt ask.
damn ok
its hard to tell since you cant see his face but somehow he actually looks a bit hurt

Okay basically just look into the cells and see if someones still in there. If theyre not moving better back off or maybe poke them a bit with a stick.

If you see anything suspicious come tell me. See you at the end of the hallway.

got it.
Seems straightforward enough.

You wonder if everyone else here hates their job as much as Chas does.


You step a bit closer to peek through the bars.

AHAHAHAHHA did i jump scare you? sorryyyyyyy

no im kidding i dont feel sorry at all that was pretty funny


(you avoid eye contact and keep moving)

oh yikes. Yea no amount of stick poking could prove that guy was still alive.


better note down their number.

hey HEY

you know im not supposed to be in here right?


I havent seen you here before... nice mask.

you seem like a nice person. Listen theyre totally starving me in here... can you get me something to eat? ^^

you dont need food to survive.
nope ill get in trouble
oh come on... not even some gum or something? Dont leave me hanging you can hardly call that a meal anyway. Just something to keep me from gnawing at my own foot.


turns out you actually do have some gum (pine cone flavor yummy). but giving it to some random inmate would be insane right?

do it anyway. fuck it a girl gotta eat
hell no im keeping it!
ha! i knew i could trust you. hehe...hehehe

Guess i misjudged you. Well... youll be the one cleaning up my dead corpse anyway so youll have to deal with me again one way or another


yeah right.

Wow you made it without getting shivved. Impressive

wait someone couldve shivved me??

So was there anything noteworthy ?

yea some guy died. looks like he exploded idk
What was his cell number?

cant remember
Okay ill take care of it later.

Wrong answer.

This was a test i know it was cell number 17. And you failed

ah fuck
Im going to remove my mask now just to give you a look of disappointment.

ready? 3 2 1

: /

think about your actions.