Actually could you do me a favor? There is this one inmate who is... a bit different.

Its the only one who gets special treatment for whatever reason. Honestly no Idea what he did to deserve that but okay.

Well youre gonna bring him his lunch okay? Usually I wouldnt let an Intern do this since hes one of the maximum security containment guys but...

I have something important to do so I need you to take care of it while im gone.

are you sure this is a good idea?
doesnt sound too difficult.
of courseeee just uh-

dont tell anyone

honk honk
Well then I have to hurry, here are my keys and his "food". The code to his cell is 746 make sure to remember that. Its right over there. See ya!

Hes already gone...

Somehow working here is a lot better and a lot worse than you imagined.


oh right. the code.
(time to press some buttons...go on dont be shy)