your mortal mind might not be able to comprehend this knowledge...

just some stuff i couldnt include in the wikis and questions you might have.

Q: what are your goals with this?

as i said before i want to make a game one day. probably very far in the future cause what i have in mind isnt exactly a one man project (ill have to pitch it to some indie game studio or find ppl myself). i havent really decided on the main gameplay loop yet but i was thinking about making it split between andrew and olive where andrews part is more fighting and olives is more point and click adventure style puzzle solving. but idk yet. gonna be character/story driven tho obv. genre wiseeee it will be dark fantasy/ dark comedy with some horror elements? thats what google said at least... i just really like stories that are creepy but not like shit your pants scary like its still supposed to be fun and enjoyable. also! if that ever happens im gonna change a LOT. like redesign or completely scrap a lot of characters. i see everything on this website as sort of a beta version.

Q: what happened to the original comic?

we shall not talk about that...jk..well not rlly jk but yea i deleted it cause it lowkey sucked heh. the events in that are still semi canon tho. now i would change a few things (especially with the pacing) but in general thats how the beginning of the story would go. its still floating around on the internet somewhere...if u ever encounter it well- do what you gotta do

Q: why do you make so many typos?

go aweay. please. (fr tho its cause im dyslexic and dont proof read)

Q: can i make fanart/edits etc?

LET IT BE KNOWN THATI WOULD SHIT PISS AND CUM AND THEN DIE IF YOU WOULD DO THAT. actually if i were to do that no one would ever want to draw anything ever for me...ehhh.. anyways i would love you forever! (just dont do nsfw or anything offensive duh i think thats obvious) also if you want to use any of my art as profile pictures or whatevs you totally can i think thats cool but pls credit me somewhere^^

Q: Do you have any inspirations?

yesss i do! i think everyone has. But dorohedoro inspires me alot its my favorite show/manga and then also a blame! ig? those are my main inspos art wise but i try not to let myself get influenced too too much by preexisting media i want to be original (i dont love it when my stuff gets compared to others). other things that have just influenced me ever since childhood is point and click adventure games like monkey island, D.O.T.T or newer stuff like sallyface and i also was obsessed with undertale and darksouls as a kid.

Q:if isaac is over a houndred years isnt he basically a grandpa by now?

A: no for simplicities sake undead behave like the age they died at (cause i dont like getting into the whole 30000 year old dragon loli bullshit territory). i think dying is such a traumatic event that it honestly stunts you mentally a lot. of course you still mature over time but not in the same sense as you would if you lived a normal life on earth. most of them go insane anyways.

Q: whats the deal with the A and B demon types?

A: once i make a proper lore page i will go more in detail but in short: there are two different demon ancestors that everyone decended from (they call them mother and vather) a looooooong time ago so thats how the two types came to be. A types are your typical demon, they can go into the human world and form contracts and once the human contract holder dies they get reborn as an A type demon thats how they reproduce. B types cant rlly leave hell and are mor insect like in general. they hatch from the mothers eggs so theyre like a big bug family (well actually theyre not all bugs but ehhh you get what i mean). A types are mostly the ones in leading positions since mother has been growing weaker and weaker amongst other reasons. (also btw yes the A, B , AB, stuff is inspired by bloodtypes) Edit: i made the lore page you can read abt it more now

Q: what are those red marks on the undead and are they still human?

A: those are their death marks and they represent the injury that caused their death for example olive fell from a building and landed on her face so thats why hers is on her face.. makes sense.. Also yes they are still considered human alltho thats a question they deal with frequently. spending time in hell warps your mind and body over time (thats why isaac is so green and more aggressive/extremer than he used to be) so that very much fucks with your sense of self its like you can feel your humanity slipping away the more you adapt to their world.

Q: what are the main differences between demons and humans?

A: first of all anatomy wich is pretty obvious. demons can look like anything.. humanoid.. like animals.. abstract concepts taken form... they dont have souls and they dont need to eat or sleep like humans do (but they can if they want to). they can be killed but if that doesnt happen they live forever. sound pretty sweet right? well wrong lol being a demon sucks. living in hell also sucks.

Q: what about angels?

A: yup theyre also there. they look more like biblically accurate ones and they behave more like robots. completly rational with no feelings their only purpose is to keep the energy cycle running. this is also one of those things where ill go into more detail later sry >_>

Q: what are your characters sexualities?

people always seem to care about that well i kinda get it ig anyways non of them are straight. lol. fr tho if you really want to know andrew is bi with girl preference, isaac is gay but could never be in a relationship cause hes got issues and olive is a lesbian. i wouldnt put a label on any of the demons i dont think they work like that i dont think they care about gender either. also andrew is a trans guy. oh and i dont think i will have any big romance plots in the story thats not really the point.

Q: is morti british?

morti is not british. stop. stop it. let men be strange and enjoy their hot brewed beverages in peace....

Q: Andrew has been referred to as mortis pet twice now. why lol?

cause human are to demons like animals are to humans. you can eat them or hang out with them on the couch or whatever. morti doesnt see humans as pets but others often assume so cause most demons do so.

Q: about the comics on this site...

theyre all just slice of life shorts. you can read them in any order there is no real story to them. i kinda realized that i hate making comics with plot i just like drawing them messing around. as far as canon goes they dont happen in the actual story but they are considered canon as in they happened at some point (probably)

Q: whats with viktors name change?

He mostly changed it because he left his family and with that his identity behind and wanted a fresh start where he can focus on science instead of being a loser at school. but also just because hes pretentious asf lol he thinks of himself as a genius and thought a lame name like clyde doesn’t suit him. so no its not like a deadname situation (in that case i wouldn’t have put his old name on his wiki) you can still call him clyde ig it doesnt rlly matter but viktor is preferred.

Q: -little disclaimer-

i think its common sense but ill say it just in case: i dont necessarily support any of the characters actions or opinions or whatever. its just fiction. many of them are bad people duh. Especially with viktor and milo, i know i often draw them being cutesy but obviously their relationship isnt healthy i mean viktor is morally grey at best in general (hes a villain afteral). So just- dont get the wrong idea...

Q: are you working on any other things?

yeah kinda, i have another set of characters/universe i want to explore more.

Q: why the name uncanny valley web?

cause im horribly uncreative when it comes to naming things lol... i just picked a random word i thought was cool and went with it. i mean none of my characters really give off the uncanny valley effect but the definition is basically "something that looks human but not quite and is spooky because of that" so i meannn it sort of fits?. i never knew what to call my projekt?game?universe??? i still dont tbh. but i always had uncanny valley in my head as a placeholder of sorts. so ig now its the name of my website.

Q: whos that blonde fucker with the red goggles.

uhmmm thats my sona. hes basically just me but with goggles and he builds robots thats why this website has this metal/ industrial looking asthetic. yea theres no lore or anything its just the way i draw myself.