you brought a sword for going grocery shopping? where the hell did you even get that?

youre just mad that you didnt think of bringing one + swords are awesome.

cant even argue with that

Okay. we need eggs, milk and baking soda thats all.

you seem nervous

its because i am.

(The last time morti went out to get pasta sauce he had a breakdown in the soup isle)

morti dude. we will get that baking soda and walk out as champions and we will make the most delicious fucking cake to ever have graced this twisted world. okay?


Uh- ah yeah SO TRUE!

sorry I got distracted that tall guy over there just crashed into the yogurt shelf with like- his entire body. Is it just me or is he kinda...?

keep it together Isaac were on a mission. stay focused. first we need to find.

-the eggs-

great. Uh okay ill go get them- were three people and we need three things so lets just split up and get it over with quickly.

split up? are you sure about that?

im sure you can do it. I mean... what could possibly go wrong?


ok actually I take that back but lets still split up.

alright alright lets just go! Ill get the sugar!

baking soda.

right whatever same thing lets goooo