Ohh- bubblegum scented.

seriously why is everyone making such a big deal out of everything.

its just shopping. this is fun!

there is cool stuff around every-


fucking hell.

ahhhh i need to act quickly

-throw sugar as a distraction- -floor it-
Huh? Isaac? cant you act like a normal person for once we are in a grocery store for gods sake

why the fuck are you throwing sugar at me?

uhh i heard it wards off evil spirits.

thats salt youre thinking of dumbass.

(Oh god I dont wanna deal with this right now...... Act like you dont know her!)

sorry lady but I dont know who you are and i shouldnt be talking to strangers.

lady?! who exactly do you think youre talking to?

hmmm... three roaches in a trench coat?


*as you can imagine,

Marisol brutally beats you to death.*

hah! i escaped... thank god

good evening Isaac.


This isnt real...i inhaled too many food coloring fumes and now im hallucinating

Youve been inhaling food coloring...? isnt it the point of FOOD coloring that its non toxic?

as per usual. actually i am not surprised.

sometimes I like acting surprised when in actuality I was expecting the outcome right from the start. its a tactic to confuse the enemy and catch them off guard


i see youre holding a pack of sugar...

yea and?

didnt morti tell you to get BAKING SODA? Not sugar? I overheard your conversation on accident earlier

yea uh- no that was definitely on purpose...i uh was gonna get the soda just now until a certain little gremlin interrupted me-

I LIED! I didnt overhear it on accident.


Just another instance of me deceiving you. Heh.

listen i really dont give a fuck man. I dont.

can you get out of my way now

by the way... sugar is completely overrated. a real sweetness connoisseur would know that molasses is far superior.

ah- how I miss the days where my father would command the maid to bring me my favorite specialty. (molasses mixed with lukewarm tap water)

you see-