i got the eggs

ah good. wait-

what the hell are those

uhhh normal....eggs?

DO THESE LOOK NORMAL TO YOU? Look at themmmm ewwwwwewewew dude. they look incubated.

if these hatch were gonna have little homunculi flying around the kitchen and like... banging pots and pans together or whatever they get up to

what do they get up to again morti?


THATS RIGHT! shenanigans.

aw man... well what now?

ehh we will make it work somehow... you got the milk?


morti. thats strawberry flavor.... okay well maybe itll actually taste better than normal milk? who doesnt like strawberries right?


itll be fine lets just pay

yea cause im not going back there

hello sirs!

if the checkout line you wish to see...

you must solve these riddles three

dude we do not have time for this rn

also your stupid rhyme doesnt make any sense were already at the checkout line.

oh uh...

i- if the EXIT you wish to see.. you must so-


jesus whats the matter with you people... why go to a medieval dungeon themed grocery store if youre not up for any riddles...

just- get out. god...

what a freak.

nah i kinda get him... working in retail does things to you man.


im... so sorry