ive been looking into a way of selling some small stuff for a while now but got discouraged every time cause im too stupid to use sites like etsy and shopify and then i made a storenvy acc but all the shipping was like 7$??? bruh... i dont wanna like- make a big deal out of it
so yea im just gonna use my own site for this now i guess...

shipping price is included in the price unless specified otherwise
from my experience shipping to the US takes about 2 weeks
and within europe a few days to a week

also if something is out of stock you can still buy it (in most cases). i just have to make new ones.

i wont be taking returns sorry but if you have any issues you can always contact me and we will figure something out

very silly stickers of some guys. and gals. they are shiny and
ca 6 cm/2.3 inches big.

testing them (violence)

3€ (3,30$)

these...poor souls have suffered a terrible fate
current stock: 1 of all

2.50€ (3$)

how to buy:

1. click the buy button and write me an email with your adress and what you want to buy. (or you could DM me or message me on discord vinnie#7484 whatever you like best but tbh just email me, i dont check my dms that often)

2. the i will answer and tell you weather the item is still available or not
(it probably is tho) and give you my paypal information

3. when i receive the money i will package and send the item to you!

thats all