i feel like people are starting to look more and more similar these days maybe youre noticing it too

similar... color scheme ?

you definitely havent cause i just moved here a few months ago lol

no but-
my eyes are pretty generic. youre probably just confusing me with someone else and whoever that person is i do not know them

speaking of, i totally forgot to bring out the trash earlier

oh well!

now you somehow made her uncomfortable.
dumbass troglodyte fuck.

hey. :(
you look at smudged writing on your hand… damnit why did you use a black pen to write on black gloves…

because i would like to… chew on you…


that would be a mildly funny line if you were like, a shark guy or something

but i cant tell what you look like under that mask all covered up like that

so how do you know im NOT a shark guy?
i dont.

youre definitely not a shark though haha

see? i exposed you.

you must feel so embarrassed right now.

oh you havent seen embarrassing YET
really? okay do something embarrassing right now.

i… i cant on comand..
im too nervous
youre right! that is pretty embarrassing

im better when no ones watching.

didnt we take a class together?
i couldve sworn we had chemistry

oh. ohhhhh

it was a set up for a corny pick up line hah okay i get it

chemestry.. yeayea very clever

i... feel a bit bad for reacting like that now.