misc art

random digital paintings and doodles. these arent in chronological order some of them are old as fuck

new type of freak just dropped.

*bumps into you moe anime girl style* apologies my liege :(

characters i dont draw very often (kinda wanna make a wiki for them but i dont have enough lore). also my subway sona

had a dream about this guy once. kinda like the design so i might turn him into an oc.. just dont know what universe

one of my friends has a candy themed oc universe and we were making sonas for it. you get caramelized as an execution there so my guy used to be a pretzel stick dude who died and got resurrected as an undead salted caramel knight.

nui and amai as knights cause its funny

i still cant figure out a design for him that i like

(for the love of god ignore how the last two faces look the exact same. that fuck ass 3/4 profile smirk.)

mfw character design

found these old sketches again (june 2021 i think?) this was likeee a dnd au. andrew is a bard and isaac a half goblin rouge

drew my old bnha oc. yes i had a bnha phase when i was 13 an it was just as horrible as you can imagine.
basically her superpower was creating metal from her skin and she made like... swords and chains with it (the knight obsession again lmao).
but she had to eat lots of food containing iron an later on she would literally eat pieces of metal. its pretty stupid but i kinda like her
maybe ill revive her without the bnha connection.

the cards were an assignment test thingie for school thats why theyre a bit different from my usual style.

aggio pages with my friends, these are so funny cause our artstyles are so different :

here is some art i did for artfight or as commissions, so all the people are noted underneath. not my characters etc etc :

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