secret site guide

if you found this...hey...congrats- you must be dedicated! or you just follow me on neocities and found it that way lol. Anyway, there are many pages that used to be linked on here at some point but aren’t accessible anymore or that are various degrees of hidden/secret. here they all are easy to find...this is your reward for being nosy o_o

wiki songs


old layout

me talking abt character creation n stuff

im collecting the index artworks here lol

a page i made to convince my friend of making a neocities acc

idk bout this one (jannette die nette)

bruh shark

dream diary might actual make this one public again if i ever expand it

fnaf special my personal favorite

entries probably the least hidden one. some story bits

the OG this is what my website looked like wayyyyyy at the beginning when there was nothing there yet

ass game link is still in update list as of now but not for long

results every possible ressult from the character quiz

thats probably it...i think...

this is on of the only two pics i have of this webiste at the VERY beginning...i wish i took more cause it was ugly asf. here the other one